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The ontoKEM was designed and developed at the Laboratory of Knowledge Engineering (LEC) Program Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC), Federal University of Santa Catarina.The development had the participation of teachers José Leomar Todesco and  Fernando Alvaro Ostuni Gauthier, doctoral candidates of EGC like Raphael Speroni and Sandro Rautenberg and undergrads like Poline Lottin and Cleiton E. J. Duarte. Its first use was made in building a domain ontology for a project R & D "Knowledge Systems for Network Management of Medium Voltage Distribution." This tool has supported research projects and teaching undergraduate and graduate.


What is OntoKEM

To build ontologies, several methodologies has been proposed. However, Fernandez-Lopez & Gomez-Perez (2002) comments that there isn't quite mature methodology for the purpose of building ontologies. In each method there are activities that are no longer understood. According to the authors, a combination of methodologies becomes interesting through a process of ontology construction. This is a pillar of ontoKEM EC as a tool for ontology construction based on the methodologies 101 (Noy & McGuinness, 2008), On-to-Knowledge (FENSEL & HERMELEN, 2008) and advance architecture (GOMEZ-PEREZ et al, 2004), where he lists himself as contributions:


- 101 • Methodology: methodology that advocates the construction of ontologies in an iterative process of seven steps (determining the ontology scope, consider reuse, listing terms, set classes, set properties, set restrictions and create instances). This process is understood in ontoKEM.


- On-to-Knowledge: methodology that instills the competence questions as simple and direct way to determine the scope of an ontology and to identify concepts, properties, relations and instances. The ontoKEM makes use of this tool both in understanding the applicability of ontology, and in the provision of documentation artifact preached.


- METHONTOLOGY: methodology that formalizes the construction of ontologies through a rich range of documentation artifacts (documents, text and tables). These artifacts are used as document templates in ontoKEM.

Summarizing and defining the ontoKEM is a tool for Knowlodge engineering that supports a process of construction and documentation of ontologies, based on the process of developing the methodology 101 (Noy & McGuinness, 2008) and documentary artifacts of the methodologies for ontologies On-to-Knowledge (FENSEL & HERMELEN, 2008) and METHONTOLOGY (GOMEZ-PEREZ et al, 2004).